Introduction: 3D Printer DIY FREE PLANS

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A 3D Printer made in sketchup!
Please Vote!!!!!!!!!!
Free plans If you do make this please send me pictures love to them just vote for me and give comments and ratings


spacerase02 (author)2013-12-11

Those plans do me no good because you made them on a Mac. I like macs, but can only afford windows pcs. If you could make a windows version it would be appreciated. thank you

SnowMonkeys (author)2012-10-06

AWESOME!!! Wish I could make this!

temper (author)2012-10-05

How do you vote?

Harry Park (author)temper2012-10-06

There should be a 'vote' icon that you press to vote. The instructables editor may not have received a notice for this instructable yet. But thank you for wanting to vote.