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Introduction: 3D Printer Adjustment With Sugru

At Makers' Alliance in Cleveland, we've been working on building a RepRap. We recently received a printed X-carriage that would work with the extruders that we plan to use, but it had a problem we had to correct- the press-fit bearings wouldn't stay put. Sugru to the rescue!

Step 1: What You Need

Materials used: 

1. The X-carriage for our Reprap
2. 4 LM8UU bearings
3. 1 packet of Sugru
4. Some soapy water for smoothing

Step 2: Make Some Sugru Shims

Using one of the bearings as an improvised rolling pin, make a thin layer of Sugru to function as a sort-of shims around the bearings.

Step 3: Insert the Bearings

Insert your Sugru-shimmed bearings into the carriage. Some of the Sugru may slide out, but as long as there's enough to hold the bearing in place you should be ok. 

While on this step, we decided to also add some Sugru "bumpers" to the carriage to potentially add some cushioning in case of crashes during operation.

Step 4: Cure the Sugru on the Rods

To prevent the bearings from curing in a crooked manner, the carriage was slid onto our rods to cure. We let it cure for a few days, and when we next checked on it, everything seemed good!



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