Picture of 3D Printer's Cube (aka Turner's cube)
Alrighty... so this Instructable is a test to one's patience and 
perseverance. For my father's birthday I decided to make him 
a Turner's cube, however, I decided not to make it the
conventional way. Instead of using a lathe, my choice method
for this project was to 3D print the cube (or cubes) by way of 
the laser cutters at TechShop San Jose
Yes... I am a little bit crazy....
The main reason for my choosing this method was the fact 
that I have a lot of cardboard hoarded up at my house, and 
needed to use them for something. 

Things used:
  • cardboard (single ply)
  • laser cutter
  • Autodesk Inventor
  • 123D Make
  • Elmer's Glue
  • acrylic paint
  • polyurethane 
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Step 1: Design It!

Picture of Design It!
First I started off by making a 3D model using Autodesk Inventor.
Draw up a few cubes, extrude some holes through each face, 
and do a sphere cut out of the inner surfaces.

Then export a .stl file.

Step 2: Slice It!

Picture of Slice It!
Next, using 123D Make, I imported my "turner's cube".stl file 
and typed in the dimensions of my cardboard to create
the slicing files for the laser cutter.

Step 3: LASER it!

Picture of LASER it!
Using the vector files from 123D Make I cut out all of my 

140 layers
9 sheets of 24'x18' cardboard
  equalling a grand total of 
904 pieces
(didn't I say I was a bit crazy muahahaha)

since there were so many pieces, and a lot of them in the tiny
size range, I decided to use a piece of sacrificial material 
underneath my cardboard to help take all the pieces out of 
the laser bed. 
(after 9 layers of cutting, I got a pretty cool [accidental art] piece 
out of my mdf sac layer and my cardboard scraps,
one of these will become an Instructable as well in the near
future, wink wink ;)
TSSJ-ryan (author) 2 years ago
yes, I am always open to using practically any material =)
clear acrylic would look pretty sweet
cool idea! have you considered 3d printing this from plastic?