3D Printing.





Introduction: 3D Printing.

3D printing is a form of additive manufacturing in which thin layers of plastic are laid in succession to form an object.

Step 1: Design Your Model.

First, you'll want to design your model on any 3D modeling software. in this case, Autodesk Inventor.

Step 2: Save Your File As a STL.

After modeling your part, save as an STL file. Make sure to convert your file to Millimeters because MakerBot Desktop will put your part out of scale if you don't.

Step 3: Open Your File on MakerBot Desktop.

Open MakerBot Desktop then click file, open. select you file and adjust your part for printing.

Step 4: Export Your File Onto a SD Card.

Change your settings so they will work with the type of plastic you are using (I'm using PLA plastic). Then export your file onto a SD card.

Step 5: Prepare Your 3D Printer.

Level the bottom plate and choose you plastic. make sure you use the plastic you set you settings to use.

Step 6: Load Your File and Start.

Load your file and start. Watch your part and make sure it comes out OK.

Step 7: Finish Your Parts.

Break of rafts and supports. Sand down imperfections if needed.

Step 8: Enjoy.

Now use you part however you wish.



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does your printer do the slicing, because you just said to load the STL to a SD card?

Great information on 3D printing!