3D Printing- Chess Set





Introduction: 3D Printing- Chess Set

I hope you like this chess set as I put a lot of time and effort into making it. I am always getting compliments on it and I hope you do too!

Step 1: Make the Base

For each piece, you first must make the base. You do this by making a square. You should make these 2.5-2.5 cm and only 3-4mm high.

Step 2: Place the Letters

Now you will want to place the letters on the base. Starting with the final letter at 2.5cm wide 2.5 cm long and 10-15mm high. from there, place the next letter 2-6mm less wide. Continue this for the rest of the letters so the descend in size. If there is little connecting 2 letters you can add a 1-1mm cylinder raised 10mm from the surface that connect the letters.

Step 3: Completing the Top

For the top of each piece, I just looked at an image of each as a regular chess piece. I then used a variety of the shaped provided on the tinkercad website to closely imitate what they looked like. This wasn't very hard. I hope you enjoy making/printing this chess set



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    Inspiring! Beautifully proportioned. Love them

    That is a great design for chess pieces! Very unique :)