3D Printing 'Fast 8' Dodge Charger!





Introduction: 3D Printing 'Fast 8' Dodge Charger!

The 'Ice charger' from the movie Fast and the Furious is just out of this world!
I decided to 3D print one, but since there were no stl files available, I designed one myself in 3DS Max.

Here is the design:

and here is the 3D print, paint and finish:

Step 1: Design

I looked for stl files online, but there werent any, so I decided to design one with my limited knowledge of 3DS Max.

Step 2: The 3D Print

I used the Tronxy 3D printer, which is the cheapest one you can find. I talk about the issues and the qualtiy of it in the video below.

The 3D print was not very smooth, so I have used some smoothing techniques in the subsequent steps..

Step 3: Smoothing, Painting, and Finishing!

Overall, I was pretty happy with the finish. I used sand paper to smoothen the ridges, and used spray paint for overall composition, and acrylic brushes to paint the details.

More DIY Projects on the Fungineers YouTube channel!



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    When are you planning to put in the RC system in there. Would really love to see that.