This instructable will walk you through a basic step by step instruction for preparing a mash-up sculpture, created in Maya, Freeform (or other Open Source software) and 3D printed using UPrint and/or Mojo printer. This specific model (#buddha + #simpson) is part of a series of combined, sculptural objects called Dark Matter that are brought together to form humorous juxtapositions. I worked on these series of objects for one year. The objects chosen for the first series are the objects/things that are forbidden or un-welcome in Iran by law. I found the idea of printing objects/things that are forbidden in oppressive countries a fascinating concept. I think it pushes us to think about both the possibilities and limitations of a technology like 3D printers... and the life-changing potential of them in our daily lives currently and in the future to come.

Step 1: Step 1: Supplies + Programs

First you need to gather or have access to:

1) A 3D printer (I have used both UPrint and Mojo Printer for this project)

2) Material: ABS-M30 (see the list of available colors)

+ then download these programs if you already don't have them:

Autodesk Maya (free for students/educators - or you can use a free trial)

MeshLab or Slic3r or Geomagic Freeform for processing and editing your object. You can also use other open source or printing software for this process.

<p>I think everyone needs their own Homer Buddha. Nicely done!</p>
<p>I agree! Thanks : ) </p>

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