Introduction: 3D Printing My Chinese Name_HENG

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3D Printing my Chinese name_HENG

Step 1: Step 1: Research the Meaning of My Name

/heng/ (simplified version) ( original version)

Structure of Chinese Character: Left-Right

Radical ( Simplified version): , means heart

Method of Creation: ideographic

It means long lasting, forever, or normal.

Step 2: Step 2: Innovative Interpretation

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/heng/ is formed by two parts.

One is /xin/ means heart.

And the other part is /gen/ means extend or stretch.

The cross on the top of stands for the sky, and the cross at the bottom stands for earth, a sun is standing in the middle. And that shows something that we are used to see, the sun consistently rise and fall between the sky and earth every day, so it is a sense of persistence.

Step 3: Step 3: Design

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In my design, I applied the image of a sun to reflect. It spreads out a expression that persistence is something you need to do like a sun, rising and falling constantly between sky and earth .

Step 4: Step4: 3D Modeling

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In the 3D model, the sky and earth are connected in a 3 dimensional way. I applied image of cloud to stands for the sky, and mountain stands for the earth. And in the middle there is a rainbow which can connect the sky and earth, along which the sun rise and fall.

Step 5: Step5: Further Improvement

For further improvement, I would like to apply the image of the sun shines itself from dawn to night, but it is kind of a little bit abstract and difficult to reflect in a 3D model. Any suggestions, please let me know.


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