Introduction: 3D Printing My Chinese Name_JIA

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3D Printing My Chinese Name_JIA

Step 1: Step 1: Research the Meaning of My Name

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/jia/ (simplified version is the

same as original version)

Structure of Chinese Character: Left-Right

Radical ( Simplified version):,means people

Method of Creation: ideograph

The original meaning is good, beautiful.

Step 2: Step 2: Innovative Interpretation

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/jia/ is formed by two parts, one

is 人/ren/ means people. The other part is /gui/ means jade tablet of high value which comes deep from the earth. So also means beautiful jade. But in my opinion, i think /gui/ is more like person, and apparently the one on the top is more outstanding.

Step 3: Step 3: Design

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I applied the outstanding person as my design concept. To express that, a Chinese phrase a crane standing among chickens comes to my mind, it means standing on head and shoulders above others. I applied a lot of people set off the particular person, and therefore the one on top must be the one who is outstanding and excellent.

Step 4: ​Step4: 3D Modeling

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The 3D model has to show a image of a crane standing among the chickens, and also it has to look like the character 圭, so I applied the image of shooting graduation photo. Those who are excellent and outstanding are always standing in the middle and they stand look like the character .


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