It's a 3D Printing about my Chinese name--Li.

I want tell something about this Chinese Character.

Step 1: Research the Meaning of My Name

骊(Simplified Chinese Character), 驪( the complextformed version),

Structure of Chinese Character: Left-Right

Radical ( Simplified version):马, meaning horse

Method of Creation: phonagram

Meaning:Blach horse

Phrase: 骊珠, an invaluable pearl which can only be find under the chin of a black dragon

Step 2: Innovative Interpretation

Chinese character 骊(LI),pronouncing /li/, it original means black horse. Its pictograph version is compounded by horse and deer , stands for a nimble horse with speed. Comparing with a steed, a LI is much more clever and intelligent. In my opinion, the most representative image for LI is a horse in equestrian. Under the guidance of horseman, it accomplishes difficult movements graciously and beautifully, and finally gain good places, which is exactly shows its intelligence.

Step 3: Design

The image I used is a running horse in an equestrian sports to show the character LI in my name. First, I use plasticine to shape a horse under training, which is very helpful during 3D modeling.

Step 4: 3D Modeling

After modeling with plasticize, I found a lot of details need to be modified. Besides the design of the horse, the scene around it is also very important. Therefore, during 3D modeling, I intentionally added a horseman and a hurdle to more vivify the whole image.

Above is my 3D printed LI. Hope you like it.

<p>AS a baby I had a Chinese babysitter who called me &quot;Ming Chai&quot;. To the best of my knowledge that means &quot;bright spark&quot;? We know it was something like that but can't remember exactly. Is this correct?</p>

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