Printed this to hold all of my 3D printing tools. No hardware needed. All components snap to edge of toolbox. Allen Clip On holds all Allen keys that come with a Wanhao i3.

Also if you would like to alter my design, here is the link to my OnShape file. Its public so do as you please. https://cad.onshape.com/documents/e21965a3cd1b7bb1c467b593/w/42fd60e55b70ded27805cd38/e/ef80f57e6bc153389b5024e1

<p>Looks great! How long did it take to print all the pieces?</p>
<p>Well as you may know, depends what infill percentage you use. Now I don't know exactly so I'm trying to pull from memory here. I only used 20% percent infill so I could speed it up. The black portion took ~16 hours if I remember correctly. All the clips could be done within 10 hours. Gray box was also under 10. All my prints I do overnight so I never know exact times. You slicer software will probably give you times if you need exact times. </p>

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