I use SolidWorks to design robot parts 'n kits 'n many other things.  I also use SolidWorks to teach SolidWorks!

3D Printing a 4,000 year old Pyramid Puzzle ... this lesson will take you through the most basic starter lessons of SolidWorks to get you started designing your own neat stuff.  The 2-Piece Pyramid Puzzle is as old as the pyramids themselves and as intriguing as the puzzle is when you first hand it to your friend learning how to make it opens a new world on investigation into 3D objects of all types.  

The steps are all in the video for an A/V reference making learning SolidWorks extremely easy as well as how to design the pyramid part;  http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=naM6atlC-Ak  For a higher resolution version; http://www.brainless.org/MultiMedia/Robotics/Video/Pyramid1Fixed1080p.wmv

tep1:  Open SolidWorks ... Click on:  File - New - Part - OK.  This gets you into a blank slate for sketching your part.

Step 2. Click on the Front Plane in the left column, then Click on Sketch Tab, then Sketch.   This gets you to the sketching mode in SolidWorks.

Step 3.  Now select the Rectangle sketch tool.  The moving the mouse to the center "origin" Left Click 'n Release and Drag the mouse out to open up a basic rectangle, then Click 'n Release again.   The sketch tools are all those the top icons.  After this lesson, just play with them to see how each works.  

Step 1: Smart Dimensions ...

Step 4.  Now we need to specify an exact dimension for our part so select the Smart Dimension tool.  Then Click 'n Release on one side of the rectangle and pull the mouse straight away ... then Click 'n Release to get the dimension window.  Type in the exact size ... e.g. 20mm x 60mm for the pyramid piece.

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