Step 2: Draw a Butterfly in 2D to Build the 3D Print

I inserted an image of the cabbage butterfly in AutoCAD to make sure I created an accurate representation of this butterfly even the size which is roughly one inch. I then use splines to trace the shape and then mirror it as there is no logical reason to draw two sides of something that is symmetrical.
Now that's a clever idea. I wonder if a hawk or owl version would work some how against other birds and maybe even squirrels? Of course it would have to have some kind of movement to seem alive and be sturdy.
I want to make a Mother in Law deterrent version. ;-)
Love it!
Can I buy some? Don't have any of that equipment and I could finish them myself.
Does it... work? Any results so far?
It seemed to work as I did not have a problem sith the moths this year.
Thats a pretty nice idea.. but.. that is one ugly looking butterfly.. bet others just get scared by it's ugliness lol :P. BTW what is best resolution u got on ur 3D printer.. I'm jealous of it :).
Yes it was crude, but fast and worked. The MakerBot Replicator is a 100micron resolution ABS printer.
Great idea! Those loopers are a pain as well. <br> <br>Since I don't own a cool 3D printer, I would mass produce these using paper and scissors, then laminate them. You could make a dozen in the matter of minutes - two sided, in full rendering. <br> <br>Of course, find a small child (or many of them!) to do the cutting. I am sure it doesn't have to be perfect to fool these guys, but it helps the kids get practice. Not sure if they even need antennae... <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br>
That is an amazing smart idea! Has this been successfully trial runned? Has it been found to be effective in keeping the cabbage moths away?
It seems to have worked as I have yet to see one of those pesky butterflys within 100 feet of my decoys.

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