3D Quilled Doll Card



Introduction: 3D Quilled Doll Card

Hello everyone,I am Sarah from Creative Minds.
In this instructable I'am going to show you how to make a 3d quilled doll card.

What you will need:-

1-Quilling tool or Super Quiller

2-Pink tones of quilling strips (5mm)

3-A thick card stock for the card

4-A pencil

5-A thin black marker

6-Tacky glue

Step 1: Making the Upper Body

Draw a rough sketch of your doll and then finally outline it with the marker.

Step 2: Adding the Coils

Now, make random loose coils and make them fit the dress completely like I had.
Glue them on their places.

Step 3: Completing the Cards

Draw and outline the legs of the doll.
Then,using colored pencils,or any other think you like,color your doll and decorate. Add a message inside your card and you are done:)

Thank You,




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