All you need is some carboard, an old CD, a lollipopstick, a piece of paper and some sticky tape. Step 1: Get your cardboard and trace around the CD to make two circles. Step 2: Get your two cicles and get your paper and cut out two more circles for the cardbotard to cover up the brown part, now draw your lollipop design. Step 3; Now measure the perimiter of the circle with measuring tape you should have approx. 40cm . now cut out a strip of cardboard that measures to the outline of the circle and reapeat the steps with the circle. Step 4; Stick all of the pieces together but make sure to leave a gap at the top for the money slot. Step 5; Now that thats finished make a hole at the bottom with a pencil and secure the lollipopstick with stickytape. Step 6; Cut out apieceof paper with the money slot at the top and now put it over the gap that you left before .

and That Is How to make a 3D Rainbow lollipop piggy bank!

I hope you enjoy making this.

<p>Neat idea!</p>

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