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Getting exact dimensions from life into the CAD modeling environment using reality capture, photogrammetry and 3D scanning provides great benefit for digital modeling, sculpting, industrial design, and custom fashion and pattern making. Scanning from life provides unique challenges, I'll share my tips and best practices to 3D scan the entire body or a part of the body for any use. Also check out my other Instructable on How to 3D Scan Body Parts for Prosthetic or Any Use.

I most commonly use three dimensional scan data / reality capture CAD geometry of the body for making garments and wearables with a perfect custom fit. Other common uses are for Avatars, CAD modeling, artwork, fashion design, pattern making, fitness and training, prosthetic devices, portraiture, figurines, action figures, entertainment and medical applications.

Step 1: Equipment

In this Instructable, I'm using an Arctec Eva 3D Scanner. If you do not have access to a 3D scanner, there are 3D scanning services that have the equipment, perform the scanning and give you files, or you may take pictures and compile them into a 3D CAD model with photogrammetry. Photogrammetry can be easy and provide great results, I highly recommend trying it, especially if you don't have a 3D scanner.


  • Body to Scan (in underware, tight fitting clothing or nude for most accurate fit)
  • 3D Scanner + Scanning Software I'm using Arctec Ava + Arctec 3D Studio Software.
    OR Camera + Photogrammetry Software I love ReMake & there is a free version.
  • Space with Good Lighting

Optional but Recommended:

  • Scanning buddy to help with 3D scanning OR tripod / rig to hold scanner
  • Weight bearing turntable to stand on
  • ReMake & Meshmixer to clean up scan data

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