Step 9: Aligning multiple scans

The remaining steps can also be done in other mesh editing programs, namely, Meshlab and the David Shapefusion software. If you are having trouble using the Nextengine software for any of the following, it might be worth skipping ahead to 'Fuse scans', then 'Output' and giving these a shot.

If you have made multiple scan families, such as when scanning a large object in sections, you will need to align these scan families. Click 'align' in the main toolbar. Two geometry view windows are now visible.

Aligning scan families
  • If you have not already done so, attach one of your scan families. The software will help you align an unattached scan family with the attached ones.
  • Drag the yellow, blue and red dots from the top right of each geometry window to the same respective marker on the object in each window.
  • As you drop the dot the view will zoom in. You can then move it again for fine placement.
  • When all three dots are in their correct places, click 'align' in the main toolbar.
  • The software automatically takes you through
  • When the alignment is complete, click 'back' in the main toolbar.
Apparently you can also use align to align scans within a scan family if they have gone awry for any reason.