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I made a set on cut out mat board, then used clay to form islands.  I would have mass produced (used silicone and made molds, and then filled them to make resin pieces) but I lacked the time, and had to give them away on craigslist (yes! somebody actually came to get them :D ).

Here they are, in their non-finished state.  I took these photos so I could have a reference to them.  I didn't have any carving tools, so I mostly used tools like, toothpicks, metal keys, cds, other plastic things, and so forth.  Please please please, if anyone else attempted or attempts this, let me know!  I'd love to try this again, but alas, I'm in college now, and I've become busy with other things (where did the time go?)



nnygamer (author)2010-03-01

Looks pretty cool, I did something similar for the old Pirates of the Spanish Main (and so on) 3D card game using foam and other common household materials.

Ward_Nox (author)2010-03-01

how do you place the numbers on the tiles?

flio191 (author)Ward_Nox2010-03-01

I was considering putting small holes (toothpick sized) and have flags instead of number circles.

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