Step 5: Tile IV - Whool

For the six player version you'll need six whool tiles, for the four player version you'll need four whool tiles.

First, cut out all the pieces with the laser printer and glue the two hexagons to eachother. Then glue the third piece of wood (the remaining piece which doesn't have whool written on top of it) onto the hexagon with the engravings on it. Glue the last piece of wood (which has written whool on it) on top of this piece. You have now made a hill where your sheep will graze! :)

Oh yeah, the sheep. Just glue them to the tile like you did with the trees for the wood tile. Mine failed a little bit, so I didn't have the opportunity to finish these tiles yet. Hopefully you'll do better!

If you are using board which isn't 4mm thick, you will need to resize the holes for the sheep so that they will fit the board.

Repeat this step for every tile of whool you need.
<p>Is this larger than standard size? The edge pieces for the 4 player version are like 18&quot; long. That seems really huge. </p>
is het mogelijk om de pdf bestanden op een of andere manier te downloaden? <br>Krijg de .svg bestanden namelijk niet geimporteerd in lasercut 5.3 software... <br> <br>alvast bedankt
adoro esse jogo acho que vou fazer um para min !
If you make one of these, I would love to see some pictures of the result. Good luck with it! <br> <br>If you have any questions, just ask!
I love your version, it's very pretty! (And the last photo is just fantastic.)
Thank you so much!! <br>
great game great plans now i just need to make myself a laser cutter

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