This is a guide on how to create a 3d image using numerous copies of the same photo. By reading this instructable, you will be able to assemble a cool looking 3D shadow-box photo for free. Check out the video on the 6th step or look at the photos below to see what you will soon be creating.

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Step 1: Preparation and Planning

the first step is to take a picture that has a foreground, a middle ground, and a background.

Next, if you wish, you can turn the picture gray-scale to add a more serious effect to your photo.

Plan out your picture ahead of time, much like I did below.

After figuring out how many different levels their will be in the picture, print out that amount of the previously prepared photo.

My picture had 4 different levels, as you can see in the second photo below.
I know not every one can do this, but, Photoshop, or GIMP would help greatly. to cut them into layers, so that you dont have like 3 copies of everything in the box... for example, I would Have 4 images, and in the first i would remove as much of the rock and person as possible... and then in the second try to get rid of the person from the rock. (some of what i said could easily be done with just simply taking a picture with the person there and one without the person, just for a clean "slate") Maybe I'll do an indestructible.(and credit you for the inspiration) either way, very nice !
Thanks for posting this i did this with a portrait and landscape of my mum for mothers day.
Thanks for posting this instructable! I've wanted to do one of these for a LONG time but haven't been able to figure out the best way to do it. I have a plan for a Mother's Day gift for my mom......and I like the video. It shows the 3-Dness of it better!
Great idea but the video was not necessary.
One tip when doing collages like this: Try outlining the pieces that you cut out with a black felt tipped pen. It really takes away from a picture when you can see the white outline from the paper. Just run it along the side of the paper, and you'll see that it gives a much more realistic effect.
How simple yet very creative I'm doing this tomorrow props on this.
Nice job! I might want to try this out with the Instructables Robot..
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This is brilliant, I am doing this when I get home!
My Grandma is obsessed with making these! She tries giving new 3D pictures of clowns or dogs or a 3D version of some famous painting every time someone visits. You could only have so many of these things! Good Instructable though!
looks good!
Very Cool! Great Instructable!

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