Introduction: 3D Shapes for Beginners

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Hi,I am going to show you how to make really easy 3D shapes.
materials need
1.pencil or pen
these are what the finished drawings look like

Step 1: Square

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1.Draw A Square
2.Make A Diagonal Line On Top
3.Draw A Straight Line Connected To That One
4.Draw Another Diagonal Line Connecting To The Square

Step 2: Circle

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1.Draw A Circle
2.Draw A Curved Line From The Top Of The Circle To The Bottom

Step 3: Triangle

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1.Draw A Triangle
2.Draw A Line At The Top Of The Triangle
3.Connect The Top Of The Line To The Bottom Points Of The Triangle


The Dark Lord (author)2011-04-29


TigerNod (author)2010-03-05

Nice instructable, too bad noone ever commented on it... Maybe I'm gonna make a drawing instructable too.

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