3D Stacking Organizer





Introduction: 3D Stacking Organizer

Inspired by a horrifically messy bedside table, this is a 3D-printed stackable organizer. If you have CAD experience, go to the next step, print one in the largest length you can, and then print however many more you want in shorter lengths! This allows you to access whatever you're storing with ease. The boxes slide into each other without a problem. If you'd like to safely hide some valuables, close up the opening in the side and put another box on top! Hope you enjoy.

Step 1: The 123d Design File

Either download the file and print it yourself, or email me with your shipping info and a $20 bill! This will get you 3 stackable organizers of different sizes. All proceeds go to the Derryfield School STEM class.

Step 2: 123d Design

This is a good instructable to break you into the CAD game.

Here is the free, easy to use CAD software by Autodesk used to create this object: http://www.123dapp.com/design

Here are some tutorials:

Step 3: In Action!

Post pictures of your Stacker in action!



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the plus is one can scale it up or down to their hearts content! but sound a bit over kill for a printer...