This is my first instructable, I hope someone out there gets inspired like I did from the desktop 3D String Art found here . I tried to make this as simple and use as little as possible in raw materials, and it is literally aluminum and cotton twine and not much else. I plan on making another one but this time in a pentagon shape, with each inside angle 72 degrees instead of 90, but that won't be up for awhile.

6 feet of 3/4" aluminum pipe
cotton twine
aluminum tig rods

Tig welder
compound miter saw with good blade
drill press
3/16" drill bit
Power pro braded fishing line
steel leader
hot glue gun
tape measure and fine marker
enamel spray paint (optional)
120 grit sandpaper
pipe deburring tool

Step 1: Layout

I'm sorry I don't have any pictures of the actual welding and fitting, but I was at my buddy's shop and didn't have a camera with me so I will do my best to describe how this is done.  First cut the pipe up, there are two pairs of identical pieces, one pair is 16" square to short 45 degrees( like this [======/), and another pair 16" long to short 45 degrees(like this /=====/). Please don't use a chop saw if you've never used one, cutting angles on aluminum pipe is not the best way to learn, if your not welding this but having someone else weld it they should be more than capable to do this too.  The next thing is to measure from the short point on all four pieces and mark for your holes, I went with 1/2" inch centers, but you can go with whatever you want.
Swell turnout, very polished and professional-looking. Nice i'ble.
awesome job! congratulations on posting your first instructable!

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