3D Wall Mural-Time Lapse


Introduction: 3D Wall Mural-Time Lapse

Watch me create this stunning 3D wall mural of a T-Rex for my son's room using a airbrush and paintbrushes. You can watch the complete time lapse video by clicking here. Please leave a comment below my video and tell me what you think.

Thank you

Step 1: Outline

I start my project by over reducing my paint and outlining my T-rex. The paint I used is a regular acrylic hobby paint you can get at any Walmart and the airbrush I used for this project is a Iwata Cs.

Step 2: Features

After the rough outlining is done I start adding features using my acrylic paint an a variety of paintbrushes.

Step 3: Add Texture

In the final steps I add texture by using fast drying joint compound.

To see the entire making of this piece in a time lapse video click here



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    Excellent Bro!

    Super bad a$$@#%& design !

    We are in the same league.
    Check out my " Batman plaster project. "

    Comic Con fans unite ! ! !

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    Thanks Bro!
    I'll check it out right now