Introduction: 3D Art

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-card board
-available cheap quarter inch string
-plumbers tape(shiny tape)
-permanent markers (fine tips)

Step 1: 1

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1. Layout the tape

Step 2: 2

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2. Take the sting and create any design you want

Step 3: 3

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 Place it on the card board and cut it out

Step 4: 4

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4. Use the stylus to outline the string creating that pop out effect

Step 5: 5

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5. Color it in any way you want

Step 6: 6

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 Color it in any way you want

Step 7: 7

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 Let it dry in the sun or light for half hour
all done


grooooovy (author)2010-08-24

I really like this idea, you could use it for decoration, or for a card... you could really get creative with this!

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