This is a Dutch version of this instructable.

In deze instructable leg ik uit hoe u met behulp van Eagle, Eagle3D en POV-Ray een 3D board maakt.

Step 1: Programmas Die U Nodig Heeft

Met dit programma kunt u met behulp van een schematic een board file maken.
Dit programma maakt van het board file een POV-File.
Dit programma maakt van het POV-File een 3D board.
Hoe kun je meerdere componenten toevoegen en aanpassen. Ik heb een klein voedingkje gemaakt maar de LM317 laat hij verkeerd zien.
Wow, best leuk om te zien dat er meer nederlanders op instructables zitten! Ik begon al te vrezen dat ik de enige was. :P
Erg cool het werkt! It works! Ok I try to translate it into English: --------------- -STEP 1- You need 3 programs. Eagle itself to make your schematic & board design. Then you need to download/install Eagle3D. This download has 4 directories inside (but 2 important ones): -povray (the directory with the pov-ray libary files, you need that later to generate an 3D design) -ulp (this are files you need to great a pov file from a Eagle board design) --------------- -STEP 2- You need to start your Eagle open your design (*.brd) and select: File->Run... After that you select the 3d41.ulp file if your Eagle is up-to-date *otherwise you need to use 3d40.ulp for older versions*. This file you just download in step 1 (3d41.ulp file is in the ulp directory). Finally you select some settings if you want to and then you got a *.pov file in the working directory (project directory). --------------- -STEP 3- Now... you can generate a 3d image from this *.pov file! Download/install Pov-Ray, I'm using Linux, so the in command-line it will be: sudo povray +i your_project_name.pov library_path=/home/your_username/eagle3d/povray Library_Path=/home/your_username/.PlayOnLinux/fonts -geometry 1920x1080 NOTE: You can see you need to change "your_project_name" to your name you got for your pov file and "your_username" to your username under Linux. You will also notice that I just use the Windows Font Library of PlayOnLinux (WhineHQ could also work or you can just copy/past your /Windows/Fonts map to your Linux partition). --------------- -STEP 4- Eventually if you don't have any errors it will generate a *.PNG file (image file). It will be beautiful :D I add my image to this comment... I hope I helped people who did not understand.. :) Kind regards, Melroy van den Berg
Tenx for working it out. But if you had read the intro carefully. You would have noticed that this is Dutch a translation of a already existing English version. https://www.instructables.com/id/Render-3D-images-of-your-PCBs-using-Eagle3D-and-PO/
Thanks, &nbsp;Prima instructable.<br /> Ga er meteen mee an de slag :)
<p>Great Instructable<br /><br />Tausend Dank!<br /><br />PS to people so worried this is German Lang its not that hard yes its probley easyer for me as i learnt some German in school but anyway keep open mind people.</p>
It's not german, it is dutch
What school did you go to ? lol
&nbsp;why would you ask? you're dutch to?
What is this,in English please.....<br />
Please don't be ignorant, Instructables don't have to be in English. <br /><br />If you want to know what is about use an online translator! =)<br />
&lt;a href=&quot;https://www.instructables.com/id/Render-3D-images-of-your-PCBs-using-Eagle3D-and-PO/&quot;&gt;Here&lt;/a&gt; you can find the english version.&lt;br /&gt;<br/>
This looks like a job for babel fish.. http://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&amp;sl=nl&amp;tl=en&amp;u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.instructables.com%2Fid%2F3D-board-met-Eagle3D%2F%3FALLSTEPS<br /><br />Appears to be a way to make 3D renderings of circuit boards from schematics<br />

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