Picture of 3D burned/carved wooden Minecraft logo
This is not for the complete novice, but someone with a moderate amount of knowledge in geometry and power tools and a little carving can make this in about 6 hours.

NOTE: If you do not have wood burning tools, I list a alternative method to the burning in step #5
NOTE #2: You can apply this method to many other types of designs and get a nice finished product!

    Tool list :

Wood (preferably 1 x 6 in. by at least 38 inch)


Graph paper

Carpenters square (big and small type helps, but the small type and a good straight edge will do)

Ruler/straight edge


Jigsaw or bandsaw or scrollsaw

Circular saw (optional but will save mass time and make a nice straight line for taking off horizontal excess)

woodburning / pyrography source (optionally a solder gun)

wood file

wood chisels or Dremel or * maybe razor blades if your risky (be extremely careful if you use razor blades)

Sandpaper / palm sander

Black spray paint (quality of paint isn't really a issue, I opted for the cheap dollar store stuff)

Cardboard (preferably as long as your piece)

Sorry for the lack of extensive photo documentation of every step here. I did not think do to a instructable until after completion, I did however photo document the general steps so that helps a lot, you should be able to get the gist of what I did here.
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Step 1: Mapping out the image

Picture of Mapping out the image
First I sought a official looking logo off of a Google image search. Then I mapped a scaled version of the logo on a sheet of grid paper. Over all this was rather easy given the pixelated style off Minecraft related items. The only place you might experience any trouble here is the creeper face in the letter "A" some of the lines fall on half pixel marks, you should be able to see it pretty easy in the picture.
xilgfix1 year ago
Awesome digital how did you do that
digitalenigma (author)  xilgfix11 months ago

I built a time machine (sorry no instructable yet) then went into the future and then read my own instrauctable, then created the logo and the instructable based on what I had learned fromthe future instructable, I can't say anymore about it or my timeline may collapse upon itself!

aceammar1 year ago
good 1 muhammadc20 and thats cool digatal
digitalenigma (author)  aceammar1 year ago
Thanx Ace!
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