3D Companion Cube. Its Time to Fire Up Inventor and Make My Own Companion Cube.





Introduction: 3D Companion Cube. Its Time to Fire Up Inventor and Make My Own Companion Cube.

Portal (Valve Software - Orange Box) Go out and buy it! Then you will understand why you might want a companion cube. So after several hours of game play gone, Its time to fire up Inventor and make my own companion cube.


Step 1: Inventor

Created in Inventor 2008, now that I have the solid model it's time to create sides to print out.

Step 2: 3x2cube-proto-01

O.k. enough rendering it's time to print!
I sliced the cube to six sides and layed the sides out on a 3 X 2 grid. Total RP printing time 7.2 hrs

Step 3: Cheap Led Light

Take one cheap LED $2.50 flash light and dremel cut everything but lights off add 3 ohm resistor to a cut off USB cord add a little hot glue and bobs your uncle you have a USB light! ( I know crappy photo)

Step 4: Let There Be Light

Hot glue the sides together and... Let there be

Light! Now when ever my computer is on I will be comforted by the glow of my little companion cube



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I can give you the original 3d model used in the game (as well as the texture). I have the source sdk and can extract it. This is a .max file from 3D studio Max. You should be able to open it in auto-cad, but, if not, I can upload it in another format.

3d model:www.filefront.com/15520553/companion_cube.max

It's made of polygons, not splines, so you may not want to use it directly. You should first scale to an appropriate size then somehow make the curved parts actually curved, instead of triangulated. Autocad may have a tool for this. I don't know.

Great instructable by the way! I find myself  wishing I had a machine shop near me more and more.

Could you please upload in .3ds format?

I loaded the file in inventor and completely re-made it based on the old dimensions. It now has nice curves instead of polygons. Download the inventor part, max model, and texture in a variety of formats here:


I would love to see it added to the 3D print group I have just started



potato...potAHto....it's great.

Should paint it a bit :D

I can't wait till we'll be reminiscing about how it used to take 7 hours to print a measly 3D Companion Cube model and laughing about it...

Here is the sketchup file for the companion cube


congratulations youve created your own wieghted companion cube. unfortunantly it cannot be saved and must be emancipated