3D companion cube. Its time to fire up Inventor and make my own companion cube.

Step 4: Let there be light

Picture of Let there be light
Hot glue the sides together and... Let there be

Light! Now when ever my computer is on I will be comforted by the glow of my little companion cube
postlife4 years ago
potato...potAHto....it's great.
A1v1n14 years ago
Should paint it a bit :D
congratulations youve created your own wieghted companion cube. unfortunantly it cannot be saved and must be emancipated
red-king6 years ago
I want one! wish i had a 3D plotter...
 you should... plotters are fun (my hs has 1)
it's called a 3d printer ;-)
OnyxxStone6 years ago
From 3-D To Real Life Simply Amazing, Cudos My Friend
b_animal6 years ago
if its making the parts its called a cnc machine
Bctcteacher (author)  b_animal6 years ago
A CNC machine is a subtractive process of taking away material, A 3d printer adds material. Yes they are both controled by a comupter, but a RP machine does not need G code or tool changes
its called a plotter youre right