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Hey guys!

I made a 10-number Cryptex (0-9). You can print this and just put/write down the numbers. It can be in order or not. :)

I'm an undergrad studying Manufacturing Engineering so a 3-D Printer would be a great help to me for making prototypes and stuff.

I'll be posting a lot more 3-D Designs since I don't have a 3-D Printer [ sad :( ].

Please vote! :) Thank you!



ChadJ11 made it! (author)2015-12-02

This is a poorly dimensioned design. I imagine the ID and OD on surfaces was equal, which works in CAD but not in the physical world.

Example:The dials don't fit on the outer piece, the inner piece doesn't fit in the outer piece, the dials don't fit over the teeth

The spots for the numbers/letters are not evenly radially distributed.

I thought I could file/sand down some pieces, but I broke it in the process. (pieces can be seen in the picture below.

Good idea, poor execution. Off the top of my head, I think the end user could scale the "inner" piece down to about 95%, keep the "outer" piece at 100% and the dials at 105% and make it work.

I bro

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