Finally 3D printing is now available in our country now time to make good use of this...

Autonomous part voice controlled FUNCTIONS [MODE]

Today I updated this instructable to have autonomous functions in the same way voice activated functions to fight you opponents in the ring, by saying specific words you can challenge your self during the game and have fun while at it as you notice most sumobot games are getting boring sometimes so let us liven it up a bit by adding voice control.So now how does it work exactly well from the title itself you can tell its a combination of an autonomous sumobot with voice controlled attacks its that simple!

Normal mode

The same old program we use in sumobot competitions

What I think of the Idea and some other improvements later on ....app in the making

Well i think it is interesting because when I think about it the first thing that pops in my mind is "real steel" ,but in reality voice control like that is too fast in terms of response. In this project voice control response is delayed. I know this program relies on internet connection so that makes sense right I dont know about you guys if your voice control response is delayed but I'm from the Philippines where internet is slow so to make things easier for me and you guys I decided to make an android app for buttons only so far me and my brother got it to work on my phone already but this may need a lot of debugging since its our first time making an app.

Designed on 123D PROGRAM http://www.123dapp.com/design download the files in the guide and lets get started

Printed here in the Philippines --> http://zhaidazz.wix.com/3dprinter

1kg SUMOBOT RESTRICTIONS IN OUR COUNTRY "PHILIPPINES",must be within the 20x20xm range,1kg or less duhh cannot have a very sticky wheel that can grab an index card for 1 second and everything else is just like those 500g sumobot rules

My experince in building a 1KG sumobot before

weight was always the problem including the scoop and the battery getting the power and speed of the robot was easy but removing the weight was the most irritating part. Make the battery lighter you loose motor power and battery capacity. Make the scoop rigid and nice you increase its weight. Also the wiring ugh powerful motor drivers like mine can make things messy inside. Making a DIY sensor board direct soldering everything is just a mess and maintaining it is just a drag so I designed this robot to lessen those issues

Good points about this robot

Its more spacious than most 1kg sumobots out there.


More sensors can be mounted

More space for battery upgrades

maintenance is easier

wiring is also a lot easier

Parts you will need


L bracket for motor mounting

HUBS For my tamiya wheels with "12mm hex" 1st or 2nd


SHARP LONG range sensors 20-150cm

Ground Sensors

Arduino MINI/Nano

FTDI programmer

4S Li-Po 1300mah 132g only!

1x Pololu Dual VNH5019 Motor driver 30A (PEAK) per channel

5V regulator "UBEC" or just use a normal 7805 5v regulator UBEC is better than 7805~

3x M3 screws

M3 Flat head screws

3x M3 Nuts

1x Female Crimp Pins

1x Crimp connector housing

1x 150mm x 180mm Fiberglass / carbon fiber plate 2mm thickness


HC 05 Bluetooth module <-- get this to have voice control functions

IR rx 38khz with "IR remote"



Blow torch

Screw driver

Soldering iron


WIRE stripper

Step 1: CHASSIS and Basic Parts

The first thing you will need is the chassis

3D print or DIY its up to you just open my 3D files to see the dimensions

just remember you chassis width should be 180mm so that you can print my robots scoop/mask with out any editing

<p>Finally something that caught my eye great idea with the attack functions but nothing beats the simplicity of button commands on the phone via BT....voted good luck</p>
<p>Thanks, my brother is currently making me a Bluetooth app for my next project but it can also be used in this project. </p>
<p>Updated PROGRAM~ removed IR properties</p>
<p>wow, this is awesome!</p>
<p>thank you~.. :D</p>

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