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When I get a new toy (electronic device), I usually like to trick it out with a protective case. It's cool and all if there are cases available, I'll just look at the designs available and choose one I like. However, sometimes there aren't any cases available.

For instance, I got an Evo 3D. I wanted an extended battery to go with it. The only one with a case available is by Sedio. It's super expensive, and I don't like the design. I went about finding a cheaper one; of course, the cheaper extended batteries don't have cases.

Since, I have a FDM printer lying around, I went about creating a custom case for it.

This instructable will teach you how to model the case to fit the phone/any device.

Step 1: Tools and material

* Scanner and/or digital camera
* Caliper
* Ruler
* Vector based graphics software (autoCad, Adobe Illustrator, solidworks, what have you)
* 3D modelling softare (Solidworks, autoCad, 3D studio max, etc)

tayv3 years ago
I just started using solidworks, and bought the SolidWorks 2011 book which covers beginner to advanced topics, and is very comprehensive. I often use the book as a reference to go through.
You can get it @ http://solidworksbook.com/
dscott43 years ago
I would love to see it added to the 3D print group I have just started


dombeef3 years ago
Why are you in a laser cutter contest if you have a 3d printer?
xeijix (author)  dombeef3 years ago
I wish my 3D printer can etch ...
dombeef xeijix3 years ago
But you can make a laser cutter with a 3d printer, and most of the people entering dont even have a 3d printer.