3D Modeled Controller for Basic Stamp Board of Education





Introduction: 3D Modeled Controller for Basic Stamp Board of Education

Step 1 was to model the basic stamp board of education, I then modeled a basic controller in halves, in Solidworks. I printed these halves and spray painted the controller. I have included a video of the finished product in action.



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    Ok i get it, i have a basic stamp 2 module and a board. Can i do this project for myself ? What components did you used ? :)

    You sure can try. I have included my solidworks part files for the controller. The most difficult aspect of the project was mounting the servo motor and finding a suitable material that will allow you to mount the target. Behind the target is a magnet and a magnetic switch. The various jumper wires, buttons, and resistors came from the Basic Stamp 2 kit. Good luck.

    what`s this project about? i don`t get it :-/

    The controller is part of a Mechatronics project. Basically, the controller houses the microcontroller. The Basic Stamp microcontroller is mounted to the bottom half. A Program allows me to control a servo motor with a BB gun target on the end.

    This is a better video...