Introduction: 3D Modelling With a Drone and AutoDesk® ReCap 360™

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Hello all,

I want to share my experience with 3D modelling an archaeological structure called "Midas Monument" with a Drone located at Yazılıkaya, Turkey. It was relatively an easy task, if you have right hardware and software. And I want to thank to for the encouragement and give-away a RTF drone.

I started with taking photographs, of course your Images need to be processed with GPS data on Images' EXIF. Appx. 9 min. flight allowed me to take 180 photos at interval of every 3 seconds. It was a free flight, not an autonomous, I knew the basic rules, so I tried to keep focusing on structure and flying in circle.

Step 1: Sign in and Upload Photos

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Then I went to home to process the Images. Sign In to ReCap 360 and create Photo to 3D project. And add photos that you captured with your drone to your project. Free membership allows you to upload 50 photos and its enough to create a 3D model, with more photo, your model become more detailed.

Continue to "Settings" section and give your project a name, then click "Create" to begin your cloud rendering. All the rendering will be made on the cloud, get you a coffee and wait.

Step 2: Your 3D Model Is Ready

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That's all folks. All the hard work done and your 3D model is ready, now you can share your model on Sketchfab or where you want to share.


    The Tinkering Penguin (author)2015-11-23

    What do you mean with the image needs to be processed with GPS? Can I use any camera? Or can I only use one that supports GPS?

    Really nice tutorial!

    Cameras that can support GPS is nice to have, it's still possible create a 3d model without GPS data.

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