3D Print Titanium Wedding Band





Introduction: 3D Print Titanium Wedding Band

I put my head to make my wedding rings. A good way to put some of myself and my love in a proof of love.
I am a computer, 3D is not my field, but with a bit of passion and time you can do everything.

Step 1: Design

For the design I used Solidworks, several tutorial are available on the internet a little time to see everything and several later attempts can begin the serious things.
I have started with an online editor on the site Breuning to familiarize myself with the design, measurements and others.


Once done, we're going to rebuild all of our simulation starting with Solidworks.

Of course we add a personal touch, me it is both our names engraved on a profile "comfort fit".

Casually it took me two months. But I'm glad the bulk is done.

Step 2: 3D Print

Then I called a friend who has a 3D imprimente to make me a plastic replica for the first tests.

Step 3: Final Print

I asked to Imaterialise to make me a titanium ring because I love this material, very strong, hypoallergenic and super bright.
I even hesitated with another provider who offered the damascus steel.

Now I just have to wait package.

My touch will be to polish titanium and fill in the engraving inside ring with a mixture of resin and industrial diamond powder for 15€ .


More photos ASAP



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    What does the printing cost?

    Hy my ring 156 €, and my wife 140 €.

    not to be a troll.. but the ring seems quite standard with an engraving..
    Wouldn't it make more sense to print something that you can't get in the stores and where you take advantage of the 3D capabilities?

    The ring presented is mine, my wife's is more worked.
    Titanium jewelry is marginal in France and my wife in this manner do exactly what she wanted.
    And if it's to purchase like everyone that does not interest me . Now I have spent time , put me and we have a great story to tell .

    This is wonderful! Also, I just wanted to say Congratulations!!! I think the resin and diamond powder will look absolutely amazing! very best of luck!

    Thank you, your post makes me happy.

    I have never seen jewelry with resin and diamond powder, the idea seemed my super friendly and it's an opportunity to try it and did something new.