3D Print Your Minecraft Avatar





Introduction: 3D Print Your Minecraft Avatar

This is a how to 3D print your personal minecraft avatar .

It is made with the tools provided by the 3D printing service sculpteo .

All you need is the texture of your skin (or you can find one on the skindex ).

Step 1: Resize the Texture

To be sure you'll see the pixels of the final object, you should open the texture in a image editor (The Gimp, for example) and resize the texture of your skin without any interpolation to get an image with dimensions 512x256.

Step 2: Customize the 3D Model

To apply your texture on the 3D model of the minecraft avatar, you can use the tools provided by the service sculpteo .

For this, go to this webpage where you'll find the original 3D model and tools to customize it.

Step 3: Active the Operation "replace Texture"

Among the available operations, choose the "Add an image anywhere on the model " operation.

Step 4: Change the Texture

Now, you can change the texture used by default by uploading your own texture. Then, you precise you want to " replace an existing texture ". The unique texture is then proposed to be replaced and you click on it.

Step 5: Order Your 3D Avatar

Then, you can order your 3D model by specifying the size of the final object.



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    All I did was copy and paste to Paint and then printed

    the first one was a homemade splinter cell conviction with goggles and knee pads, the other is the default one.

    sc minecraft avatar.JPGchar..jpg

    random question but do you by chance watch the tv show doctor who?

    No I printed it out and glued it together.


    I would love to see it added to the 3D print group I have just started



    great 'ible. but wouldn't it be easier (and cheaper) to make a papercraft one instead?

    Cheaper ? yes, I agree. But easier ? I'm not sure. It is easy to resize a picture and to upload it on a website. Moreover, the result is stronger and more accurate than a papercraft.