3D Print Your Minecraft Avatar


Introduction: 3D Print Your Minecraft Avatar

This is a how to 3D print your personal minecraft avatar .

It is made with the tools provided by the 3D printing service sculpteo .

All you need is the texture of your skin (or you can find one on the skindex ).

Step 1: Resize the Texture

To be sure you'll see the pixels of the final object, you should open the texture in a image editor (The Gimp, for example) and resize the texture of your skin without any interpolation to get an image with dimensions 512x256.

Step 2: Customize the 3D Model

To apply your texture on the 3D model of the minecraft avatar, you can use the tools provided by the service sculpteo .

For this, go to this webpage where you'll find the original 3D model and tools to customize it.

Step 3: Active the Operation "replace Texture"

Among the available operations, choose the "Add an image anywhere on the model " operation.

Step 4: Change the Texture

Now, you can change the texture used by default by uploading your own texture. Then, you precise you want to " replace an existing texture ". The unique texture is then proposed to be replaced and you click on it.

Step 5: Order Your 3D Avatar

Then, you can order your 3D model by specifying the size of the final object.



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    All I did was copy and paste to Paint and then printed

    the first one was a homemade splinter cell conviction with goggles and knee pads, the other is the default one.

    sc minecraft avatar.JPGchar..jpg
    3 replies

    random question but do you by chance watch the tv show doctor who?

    No I printed it out and glued it together.


    I would love to see it added to the 3D print group I have just started



    great 'ible. but wouldn't it be easier (and cheaper) to make a papercraft one instead?

    1 reply

    Cheaper ? yes, I agree. But easier ? I'm not sure. It is easy to resize a picture and to upload it on a website. Moreover, the result is stronger and more accurate than a papercraft.