3D Printable Railway Rifle (fallout 3)





Introduction: 3D Printable Railway Rifle (fallout 3)

Hi all, in this instructable i'm gonna show you how to make a fully 3D printer RAILWAY RIFLE from Fallout 3 !!!!
It took me more than 20 hours of work to model this little bad boy and to make it 3d printable.
Unfortunately i couldn't print it because my replicator stepper controller broke, but I think it's gonna be amazing.
So let's talk about how to print this gun:
1- Download the files from below
2- Print all the parts of the gun 
3- Assemble them with superglue ( I recommend loctite's super attack )
4- Paint and enjoy!!

Hope you like this model and appreciate the hard work I put in it, I can't wait to see this printed.

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i had a question is it legal to sell any homemade props from a video game?

Check out my free low-poly model of deadpool sword at www.thingiverse.com/thing:112052
I'm selling the high poly 100% game accurate model at a ridiculus price so contact me for info.

Last night i ended up the sword and the sai.. contact me at omg.im.apk@gmail.com

Thanks as a deadpool fan and a fallout fan I applaud you sir!

Check out my anti material rifle.. I'm designing the sword from the deadpool game and then i'll make thr ncr ranger revolver.

This is so cool! Do u plan to do any more fallout stuff?