I made this at TechShop, using the MakerBot Replicator 2! I designed this on Adobe 123D Design. (I could not upload the .123dx file, so I uploaded the .stl file instead)

I got my newly printed business cards, and needed a business card holder to carry these around in. What better way, than to make it yourself! I chose to 3D print it at TechShop.

To start of, determine your business card size. In my case, 90 mm x 50 mm could comfortably hold my cards with a little wiggle room.  I designed my case to be of 2mm thickness, so the exterior dimensions would be 94mm x 54mm. I also wanted it to have a relatively small cross section - I chose 8mm, putting it about the thickness of an iPhone 5. This case holds about 10-12 business cards.

I will lay out the different steps of the design - the main learning curve for me with 3D modeling was how the different shapes were assembled, so I thought instructions on how I put my shapes together will be useful for you.

Step 1: Design the Lower Part of the Card Holder

1) Create a 94mm x 54mm x 8mm box

2) Place another 90mm x 52mm x 8mm box on top, centered.

3) Select top box, move along width by 1mm, so it is flush with back of lower box.

4) Select top box, move it down by 6mm.

5) Combine the two boxes, using subtract as the combining operation.

6) The result is the lower part of the card holder.
Is this printed with ABS? I printed your exact design with PLA and it just snapped when I tried to close it :/ <br>Any tips?
Yes, I used PLA. 3D printing is very very temperamental. How was the quality of your printing, and the extrusion? <br> <br>I still have my card holder and use it. Sounds like your layer was a little too thin. One thing you can try is use a little heat (very little!) to get the first bend. <br> <br>Cheers, <br>Sridhar

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