Introduction: 3D-printed Fumeextractor

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Hi everybody! You now that soldering is bad for your lungs? Thats why i will share my design of this fumeextractor!

Step 1: You Will Need the Following Things.

Picture of You Will Need the Following Things.

Solderiron -
Cutting Plier -
3D-printers -

Carbon filter -
9V adapter -
9V-PSU -
140 mm fan -
M3 screws, 4 pcs of 45 mm or 8 pcs of 4x20mm depending on what fan you buy.

The 3d-printed parts:

Step 2: 3D-print the Needed Parts

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I printed ABS and i printed it with 20% infill. Worked great for me.

Step 3: Assambley

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Make sure you mount the fan at right flowdirection, tight the 4 m3 screws.

Step 4: Assamble the Front

Picture of Assamble the Front

Tight the last m3 screws.

Step 5: Carbon Filter

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Use a scissor to cut the edges of the carbonfilter and insert it in the frame.

Step 6: 9V Adaptor

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Use the cutting plier to peel of some isolation from the wires and tight the screws.
(Red+, Black-)

Step 7: You Are Good to Go!

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Enjoy guys! Thank you for watching my instructable.
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