Introduction: 3D Printed Swamp Boat

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The boat consists of two parts, which are screwed together.

I took the motor and ESC out of my MHQ hovership, the receiver of my model car and the servo that just lying around.

The boat has an integrated cable duct to "invisible" do all the wirering.

This Boat is also great to use with a FPV setup =)

Step 1: CAD Design

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I have designed the swamp boat so all cables can run the hull in a cable duct.

The ESC and the reciever are covert in the front part of the boat.
The Battery is in the rear part to ceep the center of gravity behind the middle.

Step 2: All You Need

  • 3D printer
  • 4 pin needles

You can buy all non printet parts on HK:

  • Screw M2x5 (4pcs)

Step 3: Printing

Download the files from

I printed all parts out of ABS on my modified tantilus 3D Printer.

The infill:
- Rear and front with 15%
- The control surfaces with 20%
- All other parts are printed with 50%

Step 4: Modifying the Control Curfaces

Picture of Modifying the Control Curfaces

To mount the control surfaces heat a pin needle and put it in the top and bottom around 3mm from the rounded edge.

Step 5: Put Everything Together

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Put everything together like in the pictures.

You must extend the Motor wires to run them to the ESC throu the cable duct.

For sealing the two main Parts are glued around the internal cable duct and the screwes.

Step 6: Also Graet for FPV ;)

Picture of Also Graet for FPV ;)

I put in my small FPV setup and drive around like i'm sitting on it.


Team Dogoman RC (author)2015-11-16

Nice job!:)

Thanks ;)

You should include a video of it in action!

DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2015-11-15

Cool toy swamp boat

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