Hi, I made a sculpture in Zbrush, this character is a role of  kungfu movie IP MAN, then export a STL file, and printed it by UP!Plus, this character is a role of  kungfu movie IP MAN, hope you will like it! Thanks!
LorenzoC22 months ago
kostamega1 year ago

Very nice

gzfei2 years ago
great job!
Munai72 years ago
zhe ge wangzhan nima burang yong hanyu dazi!!!!!!!
baoxiaomei2 years ago
Love U! Love Your work!
baobaomei2 years ago
Great! Love U!
chouoko2 years ago
Great! I'm lovin'it!
gameknife2 years ago
awesome job!
manitoulife2 years ago
brilliant work
cynthia7272 years ago
Fantastic!Love it!
leo_han2 years ago
Like it.
baozaimei2 years ago
I like it very much, and keep on walking! Love U!