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This is a 3D printed plastic stamp with three interchangeable faces, designed to be kept behind the bar and used to leave helpful messages on the foreheads of passed-out drunkards. It was constructed in Autodesk 123D and printed using Ponoko.

How does it work? Read on for a thrilling example scenario!

(Alternatively, skip to Step 10 to find out how I made it.)

Step 1: A text-based adventure in 3D printing and alcoholism

Picture of A text-based adventure in 3D printing and alcoholism
You wake up slowly. Your head is pounding. Your mouth feels like an old shoe box in which a diseased hedgehog has chosen to hibernate. You are lying, fully clothed, on the floor beside a bed. You cannot remember how you got here. On the bedside table is half a glass of water which has been sitting there for at least a month.

>Get up.

You try to get up, but your stomach climbs up your throat and tries to smother your brain. You lie back down.

>Drink the water.

You are too far away from the water and you lack the coordination required to crawl.


You doze off again, in the hope that sleep will somehow solve your predicament. You wake some time later. Your head still aches. The hedgehog in your mouth has been joined by its unruly, even less healthy family.

>Remove the hedgehog.

The hedgehog is not a literal hedgehog. It began as a simile then became a metaphor while you were napping. It represents dehydration and regret.

>Get up.

You lurch to your feet and, after swaying on the spot for over a minute, you manage to remain upright. After another minute, so does the room.

> Drink the water.

You drink the stale water. It feels pure and cleansing. There is not enough of it.

>Go to the bathroom.

You stagger to the bathroom. There is a sink, a mirror, a toothbrush and a toilet which has been soiled in an unholy manner.

>Use the sink.

You put your lips over the faucet and fumble for the taps. The water is warm, but still good. You drink until you are dizzy. The vile taste in your mouth remains.

>Brush your teeth.

You squeeze toothpaste along the entire length of the toothbrush and, on your third attempt, insert the head of the brush into your mouth. You brush gingerly. With nothing better to occupy your mind for two minutes, you try to make sense of what happened last night. You draw blanks. You glance in the mirror. A message is printed on your forehead.

>Read the message.
arpoky2 years ago
Awesome; now make one that clips on the bottom of a real beer bottle!
nireves12 years ago
brilliantly written thank you!
You "squeeze toothpaste along the entire length of the toothbrush" cracked me up! Otherwise, I hate drunks!
I think I'm in love with you. ;)
LOL... How can i make that my stamp says "in case of lost of concience my address is ......? hehe..
chicopluma3 years ago
"your car keys are at" that stamp can be a life saver for many people jajaja
Rayney3 years ago
I MUST make a mushroom stamp for my passed out friends....
PenfoldPlant (author)  Rayney3 years ago
A mushroom stamp? I'm assuming that's for when people pass out at completely legal Super Mario themed parties.
lol No, it is an adult thing. At parties guys will sometimes take pics with their... um... you know... pressed to a passed out persons forehead and they call it a mushroom stamp. Being a female and against putting my... yeah... on strangers I would rather have a stamp of the same joke.
danny61143 years ago
Ingenious! Luckily for we professional drunks, waking with an imprinted frontal bone is rather unlikely, as we can stumble to our beds with uncanny skill!
skipernicus3 years ago
It strikes me that your stamp designs should be printed in reverse, so the recipient can read them in a mirror.
The stamps as shown will print in reverse on the forehead of the drunken one and then read correctly in the mirror.
Oh, right on! I thought that was the stamp result, not the actual stamp.
PenfoldPlant (author)  dhawkins13 years ago
Yep, dhawkins1 is right. The stamps will print in reverse.
acti3 years ago
For a better ink surface, you may wish to experiment
with soft coatings over the printed stamp. (That's also
a lot easier on the foreheads... :-)

I'd first try spray or dip silicone coatings, or a tool handle dip
plastic, like PlastiDip, to see what gives you both a compliant
softness, and holds ink. Various materials are available at:
craft, big box hardware, and hobby stores.
rloubon3 years ago
this is like living thru the movie The Hangover xD
aje1273 years ago
I love the zork or hitchhikers guide to the galaxy text game in the beginning. brings back good memories. and I LOVE the instructable. If I were still in the navy I am sure I would put this to GREAT use. (Never pass out at a party)
PenfoldPlant (author)  aje1273 years ago
Wow, I can only imagine the terrible things that must happen to people who pass out at navy parties!
terrible maybe....but all in good fun. just goes to 'learn ya' if you can't hold your liquor don't take so much in......
Nelyan3 years ago
If this was on the shopping channel, I'd buy it :D Not that I have the need for it, I just loved the way you wrote it so funny and - possible?! to anyone.

And off to the 3d-modeling I go ~ :D
PenfoldPlant (author)  Nelyan3 years ago
Cool! Let me know what you come up with.
TendoQueen3 years ago
That face! That magical face! I'll never get over it. This is so well-done. :D
PenfoldPlant (author)  TendoQueen3 years ago
Thanks, I think...
lauralbaby3 years ago
Bloody wonderful, every single page. I can't wait till we can 3d-print the booze, too.
PenfoldPlant (author)  lauralbaby3 years ago
I'm sure it wouldn't be do hard to make an automatic cocktail mixer/dispenser. Perhaps a project for a New Year party?
espdp23 years ago
Please add "Comedic GENIUS" to your resume! My boss wondered why I was laughing so hard at work...
PenfoldPlant (author)  espdp23 years ago
Thanks, that's great to hear!
Tinker L3 years ago
Incred-ible! I'm amazed to find out that Autodesk gives anything out for free and will check on that immediately. I may want to make one for my husband, proclaiming "I snore, yes I do." So many foreheads, so much untapped imagination... What was the production cost?
PenfoldPlant (author)  Tinker L3 years ago
Actually, Autodesk is making a big effort to produce free consumer-friendly software at the moment.

The production cost was pretty high. I think it was close to $50, but that was because I manufactured it during one of Ponoko's (frequent) sales. This is one of the drawbacks of 3D printing at the moment. It's great for testing out prototypes fast, but the per-unit production cost is still high. Fortunately, it's coming down in price all the time.
The strange pillow case-like attire of le bar maid, is this also another instructable?
PenfoldPlant (author)  RocketManDave3 years ago
I don't think it's an Instructable yet, but you'll have to take that up with kazmataz.
angelabchua3 years ago
PenfoldPlant (author)  angelabchua3 years ago
Thanks, I'm glad that you find my sad struggle with alcoholism amusing.
blankczech3 years ago
Just tinkering, medicine, engineering, and art? You need to add marketing, advertising, and perhaps screenwriting to your repertoire. Great idea and great presentation! Now instead of just laying awake incredulous that my wife is actually, really, honestly going to hit the snooze alarm a sixth time, I think I'll risk it and (after number three, perhaps) stamp her with a pithy reminder that it's the early bird that catches the worm! (Washable ink only on this one.) Thanks for the idea!
PenfoldPlant (author)  blankczech3 years ago
Ha, great idea. Let me know how well that's received!
"After a few drinks you discovered that you were a fascinating conversationalist. You decided to have a few more."

This is exactly what happens to me every time.

I love this one - very clever! Now to convince my friends to drink themselves sleepy.
PenfoldPlant (author)  jessyratfink3 years ago
I cannot endorse any ploys to intentionally get people drop-down drunk. Unless they take place in the Instructables Lab.
bruce028853 years ago
Maybe make it in reverse so when your victim reads it in the mirror it reads more easily??
It is I think, the stamp is also reversed when you apply it. Usually to be read normally a stamp is backwards. I believe the picture of the guy brushing his teeth is in a mirror, if you zoom in on the picture of him sleeping on the bar, that stamp is reversed, also the pictures of the stamp have the text forward, so it would stamp reversed.
PenfoldPlant (author)  PaulMakesThings3 years ago
Paul's right: the stamps all print in reverse so that they can be read in a mirror.
schlem3 years ago
Excellent instructable! I laughed; I cried. Romance! Danger, Adventure, and Lust! Bravo.
PenfoldPlant (author)  schlem3 years ago
Cheers! Wait... romance? I don't remember that. Just how drunk was I?
hammer98763 years ago
Brilliant! And for those who don't have the wherewithal to produce the stamps, an ink pen or marker will work. (Just practice writing backwards.) Great idea, great instructable. Congrats on being "Featured!"
PenfoldPlant (author)  hammer98763 years ago
You make a good point... These at least have the advantage that you don't need the drunkard to hold still for very long while you stamp them.
EPIC, this is such a great idea. I love how you created this with the safety of the drunkard in mind yet still making sure to include a bit of comedy, brilliant.
PenfoldPlant (author)  airsoftbeast403 years ago
Thanks, I like to think I've made an important contribution to public health :-)
TendoQueen3 years ago
Wow! I can't imagine designing these and then seeing them in my hands. How magical.
al_packer3 years ago
Make sure the ink you use is NOT permanent. Years ago a bloke stamped his girl friend's thigh with permanent ink. 1) End of relationship. 2) She sued and collected big time.
This is so awesome. I'm totally stoked that we were able to help you bring it into existence. :D
PenfoldPlant (author)  Josh_at_Ponoko3 years ago
Thanks, Josh! And thanks again to your fantastic service team for all their help! I'm sure I'll be posting more Ponoko projects soon...
KEUrban3 years ago
Brilliant "text-based" bit in the first step!
PenfoldPlant (author)  KEUrban3 years ago
Thanks; I like to keep my hangovers retro :-)
This is nothing short of brilliant. The stamp and the hilarious 'ible.
PenfoldPlant (author)  MissouriVillian3 years ago
Thanks, MV - I'm really glad you enjoyed it!
mikeasaurus3 years ago
Thank you for establishing a higher bar for drunken face defacement, I was getting tired of sharpie obscenities and super-glued pennies.
PenfoldPlant (author)  mikeasaurus3 years ago
Thanks, I had you in mind when I was making it.