Introduction: 3D Printed Fountain

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Do you want a new fountain in your room? This one is perfect!

Step 1: Components

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For this project, you need only a few parts:

A flowerpot

a small pump

some 3D printed parts

If you don't know wich flowerpot is the right, check the stl file Becken.stl. I drawed it in 3D.

You can choose every pump you want, but don't take a too big one. If you use a very strong pump, maybe the water will leave the flowerpot.

Step 2: 3D Printed Parts

Here are the stl. files for this fountain. The assembly should by easy. If you have some questions feel free to ask, I'm happy when I can help you.


Hvents4 (author)2015-06-17

Wow this is so clever!! Love the idea. I wonder how big you could make it? Also, what printer did you use? I am familiar with the ones here, but thought maybe you had something smaller/bigger?

Nice job. So creative!

Lukas_m5 (author)Hvents42015-06-18

Hello Hvents4,

I use a K8200 printer from Velleman.

This Printer only costs 500€. His printing area is with 20x20x20 cm big enough for my prints. I can recommend this one.

Hvents4 (author)Lukas_m52015-06-29

Awesome, thanks for the recommendation!

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