There is a certain fascination we have regarding miniatures and caricatures of real-life objects. Seeing and holding a scale model always creates smiles. Therefore we wanted to honour an unsung object which does a great donkey-work carrying goods all over the world - The pallet!

To further give this object a more realistic appearance we used a wood fiber based plastic filament for 3D printers. Its characteristics are very similar to real wood and it also yields a very nice wood-like surface.

Step 1: The 3D Model of the Pallet

There are many different standards, types and sizes of pallets. We chose to make a copy of the EUR pallet measuring 1200 x 800 mm (47.2 x 31.5 inches). A full specification of the standard can be found in this article on Wikipedia.

To start making your own copy of the pallet with a 3D printer, you need to download the ready-made 3D files in this step. The contents of each file are explained as follows:

  • EUR 1-pallet (full-size) 800 mm × 1200 mm (3D print plate).stl - A full-size version of the EUR pallet with all the boards fattened out side-by-side. If you have a 3D printer that can print this file in one go you can count yourself very lucky! ;)
  • EUR 1-pallet (full-size) 800 mm × 1200 mm (assembled).stl - This is the full-size assembled version of the pallet. All the boards are seamlessly joint together to form a water-tight volume which is perfect for 3D printing.

  • EUR 1-pallet (scale-model) 80 mm × 120 mm - Scale 1-10 (3D print plate).stl - This is most probably the version of the pallet for you to 3D print, where all the boards are flattened out side-by-side. The scale is a tenth of the real object's size.

  • EUR 1-pallet (scale-model) 80 mm × 120 mm - Scale 1-10 (assembled).stl - This is the scaled-down version of the assembled pallet. The size is a tenth of the real object's dimension.

  • EUR 1-pallet 800 mm × 1200 mm.stp - For people who use CAD software and want to be able to load a file of the EUR pallet which is easy to work with and modify.

<p>cool man!! first time i hear about wood based filament!!</p>
<p>That is THE cutest pallet i have ever seen. :-D</p>
We are happy to hear that you liked it! :)
<p>That's really cool :) Maybe to make it more &quot;life like&quot; a few tacks to mimic the nails used to assemble it would be an extra :) Next maybe a truck to load the pallets into :D :) </p>
<p>A simple google search yields sellers in the US for that type of filament, but at a crazy expensive price! But I would love to get my hands on filament like that... Great job for your 'ible</p>
Glad you liked the pallet :)
<p>Great for Fingerboarding!</p>
That's certainly a use that we did not think of yet. Prop for fingerboarding. :)

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