Picture of 3D printed toy car with a cut out name
My first 3D print ever, and no margin of error. 

I designed a basic car that has a name cut out from the top prifile.  The name, you ask?  It's my niece's (Sunny).  The car, you wonder?  It's roughly based on a 1967 Porsche 912. Very roughly based.  The occasion, you question?  Sunny's birthday tomorrow. The margin of error?  If I screw this up, I'll look like an idiot- being her only uncle and having nothing to give Sunny at her birthday party.** To add even more difficulty to the issue, this is my first 3D print, ever;  I'm flying in blind and hoping for a perfect strike.

I think it's important to note - as I'm writing this right now I'm watching the 3D printer do its thing; the feeling is difficult to describe.  I've spent hours and hours making something [virtually], and to see the embodiment of the item that I've created is beyond thrilling.  It's almost magic - I started with nothing, before my eyes a translucent green form that I conceived and designed is taking shape. It's really cool.  Really cool.

At this juncture I want to note that I can expand on any one of these steps.  Each of the steps in this instructable could be turned into an essay in and of itself; but I'm not going to write a whole bunch of stuff not knowing if anyone even wants all of the fine details.  If there are questions, don't hesitate to ask, I'm happy to be more descriptive if there are wondering minds out there!

**Both Sunny and her parents/my siblings are awesome - it wouldn't be much of a deal if I don't bring anything, I guess the stress/low margin of error is self imposed!
Tgizzo1 year ago
Guessing it is badass? xD
ThAt lOoKs lIkE PiZzA!.! No way!

Haha, cool car though, I really like the name idea. This would be a great gift for any kid I know (although I don't know many...)
Nice instructable! Please post how you made the pizza. its sounds interesting!