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if you are an outdoor person like me you probably like to hunt and fish, and when you are out in nature, nothings worse than not haveing you lighter work. i used the program solidworks to build a water tight lighter case that way you never have to deal with your flint getting wet again.

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first you must make a circle 1.5 inches in diameter 

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Extrude the circle that was made to 3 inches tall. then you must start a sketch on the top plane of the cylinder you made make a cicle 1.25 inches wide and .5 tall this cylinder will be the top of the part and will be were the lighter goes in. the last sketch you will make for this part will be an oval 1 inch long and .5 of an inch wide center this oval and then extrude cut it 3.25 inches deep. you will then move on to the top piece.

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make another circle that has a diameter of 1.51.

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then extrude the circle .5 inches tall. make another sketch on the top of the cylinder and have it be a circle 1.75inches in diameter. make the circle .1 inches tall and add an extrude cut circle in the center to resemble the primer. on the bottom of the cylinder start another sketch. make a circle 1.25 inches in diameter and cut .5 inches deep. all you have to do from here is put the two parts together and you have yourself a water proof shotgunshell lighter case.


MysticalUnicorn (author)2014-07-28

I like it . pretty cool idea

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