Introduction: 3D Sticker Snow Globe

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a 3D sticker snow globe is a very fun craft and different from other snow globe making crafts

Step 1: Get Your Stuff

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1-a clean jar

2-glycerin or vegetable oil


4-3D stickers

5-fake snow,glitter,sequins,ect

Step 2: Getting Started

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your stickers still need to be on the Clear plastic so they don't float around in the need to keep cutting the clear plastic so it can fit in the middle diagonally so when your done place it upside down like the picture

Step 3: Filling Your Jar

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fill your jar half water and half glycerin if you don't have any glycerin use only 2 drops of vegetable oil

do this while your stickers are in the jar I forgot

when shaveing the glycerin helps the glittler sequins or fake snow float a little more in the jar than sinking down to the bottom in short time

Step 4: Fun Part

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fake snow works best but other stuff works to like sequins and all don't forget o ad a little glitter too

the close the lid very good you can use glue and tape to stop the leaking if it dose and the decorate it

Step 5: Shake Shake Shake

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craftygirl2004 (author)2015-06-13

I am so excited to get working on it!

Coolloom (author)2015-06-07


DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2015-06-06

That is a fun little craft and really easy to do. Thanks for sharing.

happy u liked it

teachermom541 (author)2015-06-06

great idea. I will make it with my son. Thanks!

Pecan_pie (author)teachermom5412015-06-07

thank u,have fun

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