Make any photo 3D using GIMP.

Step 1: Viewing_3D

This example shows how small the lateral distortion on photos need to be 
in order to achieve a 3D effect.

Examples for parallel viewing and cross eyed viewing are shown below.
These photos remind me of the photo cards used with a Stereoptican. Might be worth a try to modify it for producing them. Repro stereopticans were available on ebay. Probably still are but I haven't looked recently. Using a Stereoptican is a lot easier on the eyes than looking at the pics crosseyed. <br>
I am fortunate to be able to view stereoptican pictures right off a web page. These pictures are in the format where they can be printed up (so long as the scaling is right). Vewing them with a Stereoptican does add much more detail.<br>
This is awesome, I kept trying to use photoshop and 3d mesh manipulation programs (blender is free) to do this and never got a result that good, I'll try to make one with red/blue filters so it is less tiring for the eyes. May the last dinosaur be with you. Ssslouter
The iwarp tool come pretty close to being ideal. Being able to restrict movement to the horizontal direction could improve things. Having marching ants show the size of the deforming radius would also add precision. If iWarp had a button to switch back and forth between distorted and predistorted images, then some detail distortion could be applied to things like the eyes and lips. If iWarp had these features, it might be an easier method than using a mesh. By the way, how did you locate this instructable? I was sent a email saying this instructable became popular. But I don't see how a person can find it.
someone should make a plugin for that. I found the ible by browsing through the technology section. May the last dinosaur be with us. Ssslouter
Awesome! I like your layers and depth comments. They give enough information to make it work by hand. And if you ever get someone to write the software to automate this with face templates or other means, it should end up as a permanent add-on to the GIMP.
Thanks. The trouble with writing software like this, is that better solutions keep get published out on the web all the time. I am just learning GIMP, and there still may be better tools in GIMP to check out. Right now, the perspective transform run under a script looks like for me the shortest path to the face template.
The 3D effect is quite well done! Some years ago, this seemed impossible.
Thanks.. I hope some people see how easy it is to do this, and it gives them some ideas about what else can be done.

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