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Aluminum 3DPrintMi

3DPrintMi is an open source, Reprap 3D Printer designed and built from the ground up. As part of the Reprap movement, it has the ability to self replicate by printing a portion of itself and assembled together with fasteners.

For more information, please visit the links listed below:

After building my first 3D printer, the Printrbot+, I wanted to donate aka "Print It Forward" a set of plastic parts and share the 3D printing experience to someone else. There are many Reprap printers out there, readily available to download and print but it's not as easy as it sounds. Most of the documentations to build a Reprap are hard to follow, incomplete or non-existent and can be simply overwhelming for a newbie. After weeks of searching for a suitable Reprap printer to donate, I became more and more interested in designing my own. Something that's easy to build, print and provide all the documentation to do it. After much debate, I decided to do just that, build my own printer. Well, after 6 months of printing, iterating and more printing, 3DPrintMi was born! I have built two 3DPrintMi so far and wish to see it built elsewhere around the world.

Getting Started
This guide will provide you the step-by-step instructions on how to assemble the printer's frame, assuming that the user has already pre-assembled the electronics before hand. I highly recommend you review the pictorial guide to get a good sense of what to expect. The pictures are self explanatory and the written instructions are there to aid the assembly. Now let's have some fun!

Step 1: Bill of Material

Download and review the Bill of Material
To acquire the printed parts files, download here.

Before you start buying the materials, you will need to complete the BOM by selecting the desired selections based on your preferable budget, setup and convenience in sourcing the parts. The options are highlighted in orange and the parts will auto-update the price and source link so take your time selecting your material.

Sourcing the printed parts may be a bit tricky since you will have to search around for someone or someplace with a 3D Printer. Look around if there's a local Hackerspace nearby, most likely they have 3D Printers that you can use or pay someone to print them for you. If you can't find anyone, PM me and I can work something out.

Update 6/11/13
A few people are having trouble finding someone with 3D Printers. I can list a few places to help aid the process.

List of Hackerspaces
Go to the Reprap Forum and locate a reprapper near you

Update 7/1/13
- Changed M6 x 120mm to 110mm. No vendors offer M6 x 120mm in fully threaded form, only up to 110mm. It's barely long enough so M6 washers can be disregarded in order for the M6 nuts to catch.
- Added Brainwave to the list of optional PCB board to choose from.
- Changed a few source links and price adjustments

<p>I am midway through building one of these -- for the idlers however i'm considering replacing the printed roller with a sandwich of 8mm washer, oversized washer, 8mm washer, bearing, 8mm washer, oversized washer, 8mm washer, nut. I think that might spin a bit more freely, but i'll know shortly.</p><p>The bits I've been able to assemble thusfar have gone together well. Decent documentation.</p><p>I saw mention you'd made an aluminum extrusion model -- any plans to release instructions for that?</p>
<p>The 8mm washers sandwich can work since it's been done with other repraps. Glad the instructions have been helpful with your build.</p><p>I still plan to release the documentations with the aluminum extrusion model. I've been caught up with other things in life eventually it will end up on the web.</p>
<p>Hey! I am planning on building this with a few of my friends and was wondering where the full BOM list was. I see the link to it but i dont see the BOM on that link. All I see is the list of the 3D printed parts. Also, can you post a link on how you set up the electronics?</p>
<p>Hi!!! Im Gus from M&eacute;xico City, tomorrow we are doing a massive 3D Printer Building party and we choose to build not 1 but 8 printers like this one! I&acute;m sending you the photos of the event and everything. Thanks for sharing.</p>
Hi thanks for the post it's really helpful !<br>I made my 3d printer but I'm having troubles with powering the ramps 1.4 card.<br>It's not moving and I think it's a power problem.<br>12volt with 2 am can work?<br>I don't have a heating bed, can it work?<br>Thanks
With your setup you need at least 5a but I recommended buying 20a because that's enough even if you have heated bed and I guess you will buy heated bed in future.
hi gyro what will be the cost of the entire unit , i want one for my home use
How much did it cost for the parts that were not made by other repraps please?
Do you need mean the non printed parts (hardware) or plastic parts that's not 3d printed?
The non-printed also please.
I was wondering about the total cost, because it is hard to find anyone able to sell me the printed parts inexpensively. Also, how much would it cost to have the plastic parts printed and shipped to the continental 48 please?
This is great, can I use it for my Final Year Project?
Yea man, go for it!
Hi Gyro ... I love your 3D Printer ... I live in Torino - Italy ... I not reprappers in Torino ... Is possible buy only Full set of printing materials ? Thanks
Is anyone making kits? I'd love to find one. Thanks for a great Instructable.
No kits yet but I could start putting kits together. This is a open source reprap so hopefully other reprappers will start selling kits at a competitive price!
kits would really be very helpful for people (like me ^_^) in places where resources (material and human) for this project are very limited. <br> <br>excellent instructable -- thanks and cheers!
I am going to start putting kits together. It may take a while since it's just me but PM me if anyone is still interested.
How about an instructable on PM-ing?
Great instructable! Been looking for a bot to build! Started printing the parts today! cant wait to assemble it.
3d printing a 3d printer, brilliant! Although somewhat difficult to obtain if you don't have a 3d printer already lol
Awesome guide, thank you! I'll definitely start this project as soon as possible. Problem is that here in Finland is very hard to find place with 3D Printer for printable parts.
Try asking around here for other reprappers around you <br>http://forums.reprap.org/list.php?102
awesome tutorial! <br> <br>Which extruder did you use? can you sahare the plans or was it bought? <br> <br>And the control board?
I used the modified QU-BD MBE as my extruder. It has the lever mod and a tapped raptor gear.<br><br>For the control board, i used the Printrboard
I was super excited to see this instructable. I was a bit less excited when I saw that I'd have to have access to a 3-d printer to build this 3-d printer. I'm in no mans land when it comes to a shared workspace and I don't have the funds to buy a 3-d printer (alas the interest in building my own). Is there a way to buy the printed parts pre printed for this project?
Sorry for the let down, reprap is geared towards the idea of building a 3d printers with printed parts. What you may be expecting is something called repstrap which is building a 3d printer with non printed parts. You can get printed parts from someone with a 3d printer around the world or i can print you one. Pm me so i can give you quote.
Te felicito, el dise&ntilde;o es excelente pero tengo una duda y la electronica?...los circuitos??? donde podemos conseguirlos?, gracias.
Hello! <br> <br>Me and my friend really liked your 3d Printer so we decided to build a copy of yours 3dPrintMI during summer holidays. We come from Slovenia, Europe ( http://goo.gl/maps/fhnlT ) and here we don't have much resources for this project. In your Bills of Material you included some 3d printed parts which we can't print if we dont have any 3d printer around or if we try to print it via local 3d printing store it too expensive like 1000$. So I would like to ask you if you have any suggestions about that, if there are any internet sites which craft 3d parts for you or if you could printed these parts for us? <br> <br>We would be really happy if you can help us. <br> <br>Have a nice day, <br> <br>Janez and Aleš
Hi, There are a few types of digital calipers. Which one should I buy? <br>1108-150 ELECTRONIC CALIPER 150mm/6&quot; <br>or <br>1108-200 ELECTRONIC CALIPER 200mm/8&quot; <br>or <br>1108-300 ELECTRONIC CALIPER 300mm/12&quot;? <br> <br>Thanks
Any one of them should work and within your budget.
Is there any kind of limitation to the size of these machines ? <br>I have a vision of printing out entire chest pieces, helmets and such for costumes :D
Since most of these use a spool of ABS plastic, if you build one as big as a coffee table for example you'll need to buy a large enough spool so it doesn't run out of &quot;ink&quot; in the middle of a project! But yeah I don't see why there would be any limitation on how long you can make the X Y and Z rails. Until it gets so long that the rail starts to sag in the middle which would throw off the printer head by that much distance.
I was thinking a 2 to 3 foot square table.
That sounds like it would be fine; I wouldn't go any higher in the Z direction though.
Another idea for chest and helmet pieces instead of a 3D printer is a thermoplastic vacuum former. The 2StoryProps guys at Makers Local 256 in Huntsville, AL made one for about $100 out of 2x4's, plywood, a shop vac, binder clips, and a broken toaster oven! They have pressed out things like Halo helmets, Daft Punk helmets, Judge Dredd helments, Monarch henchmen masks, and even the body parts for the Portal gun. It's awesome!
I was actually considering that option... prob is I don't know where to get any sheets of plastic for the process, and I would need a positive to start with. I've tried pepakura, didn't go far with that. I wish I didn't live in an apartment... then these projects could sit around half done till I muster the focus to finish one :P
@ gyronictonic <br>What type of electronics / software did you use? <br>I have a reprap (mendel) that is a true piece of work. None of the software packages I've tried seem to like telling the motors to function.
I'm using a printrboard and repetier host to run my machine.
@ Silence: <br>Actually, there are some fundamental size limits to 3d-printing using this method (fused deposition modeling or FDM). When the parts get too big, the plastic no longer stays hot until the next layer is put down, which means that they no longer stick together and warp out of place. The exact size varies, but anything beyond about 15&quot; square will not work. <br> <br>Alternatives include powder based printing (which is expensive for home users), resin based printing (ditto), and CNC routing/milling of parts from stock. Of the 3, CNC carving is the cheapest, although the machines themselves are still more expensive than 3d printers. The benefit is that you can use almost any material you want, so you can use cheap wood, or plastic, or wax, or aluminum. The downside is that you have some limits on what type of shapes you can actually carve.
Awesome! 3D printing parts for someone else to make a 3D printer is like the friendship bread of open source hardware!
Looks like even I could make one! <br>LOL <br>Gone to my Blog: <br>http://faz-voce-mesmo.blogspot.pt/2013/06/o-molde-ja-feito-e-um-canhao-vacuo-e.html
Can I buy one from you fully built. Iam from the philippines and the raw materials are not available here
this design verses a prusa mendel, any issue with it getting out of calibration? looks like its alot less structurally braced.
I put at least 50+ hours into this printer and the only thing that threw off the calibration was the belts becoming a loose. That only happened once though. Other than that, it performs like it should and the hasnt fallen apart yet. Honestly, the QU-BD MBE extruder gives me more issues than the printer itself.
How much would this cost?
Around $350 to $450 if you were to buy from the vendors I listed in the BOM and lower if you find the same material for cheap. I did my best to list everything you need so mistakes wouldn't be made, saving you from spending more money. The electronics is the most expensive part and it's hard to cut that down.
Great instructable. Thanks for posting. What would be the cost (assuming time/materials) to have the parts printed if I went to a Hackerspace? <br> <br>How does this compare to your original printer? Do you have any examples of printed parts? <br> <br>Thanks <br>Doug
It really depends on the person or place that's printing for you. Its completely open source and they are free to charge whatever price they see fit. <br> <br>It's hard to compare the quality between my original printer (Printrbot+) and this one since they both have different style of extruders installed on them. I have a few examples of printed parts on my blog (all the black parts) and I honestly think it's on par with my Printrbot+ if not a little better.
Very professionally done instructable, kudos to you.

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