Picture of 3EP - Whale Puzzle Project
I figured something like 3EP which means 3 EVENINGS PROJECTS. What is that? Work and home responsibilities takes most of my day - there weren't to much time left for other activities. I had to come up with something that will give me time for crafting all sorts off stuff :). That's why 3EP came into existence - a project that I can finish in 3 evenings. I assumed that each evening will not consume more than 2 hours to finish the project.

Yesterdays evening I started a new projet - Scroll Saw Whale Puzzle. I drew the pattenr in InkScape.
It is available for download here: Whale Puzzle Pattern

There is not much to do in the first day.
You just need to print out the pattern and prepare suitable wooden base (in my case it is a base the same size that the pattern which is A4 fomat.

The base should be taped with masking tape (I run out of the yellow on and had to tape the rest of the base with blue one).

After taping the base with masking tape spread glue on the entire base and glue the pattern.

And that's it for the first day. Glue has to dry reall good before cutting.
Time needed for the first day is about 15 minutes.
That is so cute! I love the bright colors and you must have such a steady hand, the lines are cut soo smoothly! I would love to make this just for fun or wall art! Did you put a back on the puzzle?
m2grzegorczyk (author)  Penolopy Bulnick2 years ago
Thanks :)
There is a felt back for easier handling. Please check step 2 for details :)
Oh yeah, duh, I remember reading that, but didn't connect it with what I was thinking! I also really like that the edge is black, just wanted to say that :)
m2grzegorczyk (author)  Penolopy Bulnick2 years ago
Glad you like it :)